Gnomon Workshop KeyNotes (2022.03 – 2022.05)

creating a sci-fi alleyway

Image Reference from GnomonWorkshop
  1. Refining your idea
  2. To have a clear path forward
    • Inspiration
    • Reference
    • Blockout studies
    • Photobash && Concept
  3. To have a rough idea of what, final layout and  camera angle will be 
    • Ref man
    • Move fast and make big changes
  4. Finishing the blockout
  5. To detail out the final blockout and solidify the camera angle
    • Add simple details
    • Play with camera angles
  6. Find the crack : to not get overwhelmed with our scene and start designing and creating some props
    • Decide which prop to make 
    • Using Reference, design and create our props
    • Consider functionality and efficiency
  7. To go over useful steps for efficiently creating props
    • Reference searching basics
    • Reusing props and elements of props
    • Replacing blockout shapes with props
  8. Initial lighting set up
    • Speeding up the rendering processes
    • Initial things to consider
    • Very basic render settings
  9. Render pass and composite
  10. Proper way to composite layers
  11. Decals and paint adjustments
  12. Glow. Flares, Dof (depth of field). Finishing touch


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